Monday, 22 August 2011

Gardening.. on your desk!

My chilli plants from last year - had to be moved away from my desk as they got a bit too big - the importance of pruning to desktop gardening!

Even though my mum denies it, I'm convinced everyone has a slight love for gardening within them - even if it is hidden under layers of reasons e.g. getting soil under your nails.

For me, watching a plant grow which you're nurturing all by yourself is a great feeling. More so, picking the fruits of your labour is even more satisfying (provided what you do grow actually produces something you can pick!)

I made this blog to share with you my past and current stories of whatever I'm growing, as well as providing tips on what and how to grow.. on your desk. I'm in no way a successful gardener, but I do believe that gardening isn't exclusive to just the outdoors - especially for those of us who may be too lazy / whatever else the reason. Don't get me wrong, all gardeners are of course welcome, but this is more of a hobby than anything else - it's definitely a satisfying one though!

Any gardeners out there? What are you growing?

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